Terry Richards Photography | F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do You edit all of our photos?

Absolutely!  We go through each and every one of your images one at a time and we correct them for color, contrast, clarity, sharpness and artistic effect, as well as some small retouching.  We also will select a few of our favourite images to receive extra special attention.  If there is heavier photoshop work beyond that, that you would like to have done, such as major skin retouching, removing stray hairs, swapping heads, we are happy to do that, and can provide you with a quote to do so on a case by case basis.


How many photos will we receive?

That depends on a variety of factors.  How long is your wedding day, how many guests you have, how large your bridal party is, and of course how many family photos you need.  However the average is somewhere between 400-600 images.  We don't like to put a specific number on this question, because every wedding is a little different.  We will deliver to you every image that we took, we only exclude images that are unflattering, eyes closed, not looking etc. 


Can we have the raw unedited photos/negatives?

This is a lot like asking your baker to give you all the raw ingredients to you cake! Taking the photo is only the first part of creating the art that you hired us to create.  


Where do you live/How far do you travel?

We live in the small town of Ingersoll!  Which is right in between London, Kitchener/Cambridge, Brantford, Stratford. So if you are getting married anywhere in that circle of Southern Ontario, there is no extra charges.  In fact the only time there would ever be any extra travel charges would be if there were any extra costs, such as a plane ticket, overnight hotel stay or car rental, and that extra cost is strictly the cost of whatever is needed.  

We will travel wherever we need to though!  We even will accept one or two weddings on the east coast of Canada at no extra charge. (Some conditions apply, Contact us for more details)


How long will it take to receive our photos?

We understand that you are excited to receive your wedding photos, which is why we make every effort to get them to you as fast as we can! You will receive a sneak peek the Monday after your wedding with a few teaser images, and you will receive the rest of your photos no later than one month after your wedding.  (You will receive your online gallery within one month, it may take a week or so longer for your custom usb drive to arrive) Often times though we are a bit quicker than that!


Have you shot at our venue before?

If your venue is in the radius mentioned above, then there is a pretty good chance that we either have already, or that we have a wedding coming up there soon.  If by chance we haven't shot at your venue before, thats ok, even if we haven't been in that specific venue, we have photographed weddings in every kind of venue, in every kind of weather, with every kind of lighting imaginable.


Do you usually check out the venue before hand?

This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous question, but if we haven't actually shot at your venue before, we can visit before, however there isn't really much point.  We would need to see it the exact same time of year, on the exact same time of day, with the same type of weather, and the same lighting conditions! That last one is the most important, aside from you, the bride and groom, the single most important aspect of a photograph is the light, so unless its exactly the same as it will be during your wedding day photos you can't really plan when and where the best spots for your photos will be.


My fiancé and I are getting ready at different locations, can you photograph both of us?

In a word... Maybe.  Lol.  A lot depends on the schedule for your day. If timing is an issue and he is getting ready 20 minutes away then chances are we won't be able to.  Don't worry though, photos of the groom are pretty easy to fake!  We can always take some "getting ready" photos before the ceremony starts.  If we have enough time and the groom isn't too far away, then what we usually will do is go to wherever the bride is getting ready first, and capture some of the detail shots, and then my amazing wife Elisha will stay with her and capture those candid getting ready shots, while I head over and get the guys photos, and then head back to the girls.


Can we get the outtake images that weren't included with our photos?


Do we get the copyright to our images?

Copyright simply means that we are the creators of your images, and that I own the rights to them. So selling or giving over the copyright isn't possible. However in the contract that you will sign if you book with us, you do receive a copyright release which means that you get the right to print and share the images as much as you would like!  After all a lot of our clients we have gotten because they saw the images online that we took of a friend of theirs! We are always happy to see our work shared online! (especially when you give us credit for them :)


What exactly is an online gallery?

Exactly what it sounds like!  It is a private password protected gallery on a private part of our website where you can go and view your images as well as order prints or albums.  You are free to share that password with any friends or family that you would like to.


Do you take posed family photos?

Absolutely!  Weddings are an important time in your families history.  We feel it is important to capture these family photos for you.  You never know when or if the next time you will all be together (and dressed up!) again will be.  Unfortunately it is not an uncommon thing to hear back from a wedding client in a few years because of a grandparent or relative who passed away and the photos we took were the last nice photos that they had and they need them blown up or photoshopped for a funeral.  We used to not be a fan of doing family photos, (after all who is!) but after that happened the first time, we realized just how important those posed family portraits are!

Don't worry though, we do everything we can to make your family photos as quick and painless as possible!  About 4-6 weeks before your wedding we will send you a form to fill out that provides all the info that we need for your wedding day, including groupings for formal family groupings.  We list the common 8 or so groupings that we usually do at every wedding, along with space for you to write in any additional groups that you would like.  ( we recommend not getting carried away with too many groupings though, as this will take to much time away from your wedding day, we find 10-12 groupings is usually sufficient ) 


I saw an awesome picture on Pinterest, can we do one like this on our wedding day?

Absolutely!  We always love it when our clients have a cool idea for a wedding photo!  Just remember, you picked us for our style of photography. So the photo that you showed us won't look exactly the same as yours, it will be similar, but it will be done in our own style.


What is your style of photography?

This is a tough one... I'm not sure I could put just one label on our style.  If I had to describe it though, I would say that we are a combination of Fine Art Wedding Photographers and Documentary photographers.  For the most part we like to stay in the background and capture your day as it happens, with the exception of your formal photos.  At times we will direct things a bit.  For example, if you are going to have your dad see you for the first time in your wedding dress, we might suggest where the best place to stand will be, but when the moment happens we aren't going to interrupt, we will capture it as it happens.  Our favourite thing to do though is to create some of those "big" fine art photos. Like the ones you see on our home page. These type of images, usually do take a little bit more posing and setup to create, especially the night time ones, but we feel that they are well worth the effort!  I will actually be starting some blog posts soon titled how we did it, going into detail with some of those images and exactly what it took to create.


Do you offer videography?

We don't offer a full videography service, however starting this year (2017) we will be offering a highlight video of your wedding day.  This is a 2-4 minute video set to music featuring video clips from throughout your wedding day set to music.  If however you would like a full wedding video, we would be happy to recommend a great videographer for you.


Do you have insurance?

Definitely!  We carry insurance for our gear (if we didn't have that we would spend more time worrying about where our gear is and is it getting wrecked then taking photos! Knowing it is insured gives us peace of mind so that we can focus on whats important.  You!)  We also carry liability insurance in case someone trips on our gear or something (hasn't happened yet, we're pretty careful!)


What happens if your camera breaks?

You don't have to worry about that, we have backups for our backups!


What do you do to make sure that you don't loose all of our wedding photos?

Much like the previous question, we have backups of our backups!  We are pretty anal about our backups!  All day long we shoot on three different cameras, each of which have two memory card slots, so right off the bat we have two copies of all your photos.  Those cards never leave our site.  If for some reason we leave our camera in a bag, we take the cards with us.  As soon as we get home from your wedding, before we go to bed, we copy all the cards to our laptop.  When we go to bed that night your cards are right beside us, and while we sleep, our laptop automatically copies all your photos to two different hard drives so that we never have less than 3 copies of your images.  It also starts backing up to the cloud as well, however that takes about 3 days to complete, so in the meantime, one of those hard drives is always with us just in case our house burns down before the online backup is complete. Our library has over a quarter million photos in it now and we have 3 copies of every one of them!  We make it impossible to loose your images!


What if your sick or in an accident before our wedding?


Can you hold a date for me?


If I need to cancel or reschedule my wedding what happens to my deposit?


How far in advance do we need to book you?


How long will you be at our wedding?


Do we need to feed you?


Do you offer discounts for off season or Non-Saturday Weddings?