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Cedarmere Woods London Ontario Wedding Photography

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We had an awesome time with James & Sthefanie, photographing their wedding day at Cedarmere Woods in London Ontario. But rather than me telling you all about it, I thought I'd try something a little different.  I'll let them tell you themselves!  

Before we get to that though, I thought I'd share one quick story from the day....

When James & Sthefanie planned their wedding day, they didn't realize that it was going to land in the middle of one of the worlds biggest sporting events... The World Cup!  This is kind of a big deal, Sthefanie and her family are from Colombia, and Colombia kicked off their first game of the World Cup an hour before the wedding was supposed to start!  Well as weddings tend to do, it was running a few minutes behind, not to bad maybe 20 minutes.  When Sthefanie saw the time and realized there was only another twenty minutes left in the game, she decided that to give the guys the extra few minutes too finish the game!  How awesome is that guys??  To top it all off Colombia won the match 3-0!

Anyway, enough from me I'll let Sthefanie take it from here:

Where was you wedding? 

Cedarmere Woods, London Ontario

What’s the story behind the two of you? 

We met in October 2013 at a young adults retreat through our church. We talked for a little while there and continued to talk through Facebook for the next month, that progressed into exchanging cell phone numbers. We became a couple officially on January 4th. A few months later, on March 18 we were engaged. We both knew that we didn't want a long engagement so we started to plan our wedding. This led to us getting married on June 14.

Were you going for a certain theme or style?

We were trying to get a multicultural and rustic theme. Since one side was Canadian and the other Colombian we wanted to have both sides equally represented. We used burlap to try to get the more rustic look, and it looks natural as well so that tied in the outdoors to our wedding as well.

Was there a journey in finding your dress?

A friend told us that a friend of hers was the exact same size and was selling her dress. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress because you wear it once and then it hangs in the closet. So we decided to go take a look at it on our way back from Toronto. Turns out that it fit perfectly.

Who did your hair and makeup?

My hair was done by Hair Studio in London and my makeup was done by Mac at White Oaks mall.

For the Groom- Did you buy a suit or rent a tux? From where?

Myself and my groomsmen bought our suits at Moore's. Renting tuxes is expensive and you can't keep them. So we bought suits which cost more upfront but you can keep them.

Your flowers looked amazing, who did them?

Our flowers were done by Regency Florists. They are located at 1080 Adelaide St. N. London, Ont. N5Y 2N1 They did such an amazing job. They gave us great suggestions to get the best we could while fitting into our budget.

Invitations and Stationery?

We had our printing done by Graphics London. 4093 Meadowbrook Dr. Unit 115 London, Ont. N6L 1G2. We bought the stationary at Target and they printed on it for us. They were amazing and not costly at all.

What did you do for your wedding favours?

We had salt and pepper shakers that were two love birds. We hand painted our initials on them, and the date.

Is there one special moment you’d like to share about the day?

A special moment for us was the ceremony. James' Grandpa was our officiant. It was very nice to have him do that for us. We also were able to included some Spanish elements by having a Colombian dish for dinner and by having a piñata competition.

Did you have a Honeymoon?

We went to Mont Tremblant Quebec for our honeymoon. It was a beautiful place and the weather was amazing. There is actually quite a lot to do there in the summer and we had the opportunity to go zip lining while we were there.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would like to share with other brides to be?

The day goes by so fast. Try to enjoy every second. Leave lots of time to mingle with your guests because everyone will want to talk and take their own photos with you. Also, delegate certain people to look after different things during the day. This will allow you to not have to worry about if stuff is getting done.

Do you have a favourite photo?

We have two favourite photos from that day. The first is the photo where the bridesmaids and groomsmen were jumping. This made us laugh because you can see the different personalities of each person come out. The second is the photos of the fireworks. They just turned out so beautifully.

Wedding FireworksWalker-Perdomo-449 Fireworks, wedding Photography at Cedarmere Woods, London OntarioFireworks at Cedarmere Woods, London Ontario


How was the photography part of the day?

We cannot say enough good things about the photography and the photographers. Terry and Elisha are super professional and really fun to work with. During the ceremony we didn't even notice them taking photos. They were very non-intrusive and didn't stand in front of the guests while they were trying to look at us and listen. We have had so many people remark about this and how refreshing it was to see their professionalism. Besides being awesome people they take amazing photographs as well! They also had the photos ready in such a timely manner. We've had friends wait over two months to get their photos, ours were no where near that time. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a photographer, and if we want any professional photos done again we know who we are going to call.


Living room at Cedamere Woods in london Ontario, wedding dress. Wedding Photography by Terry Richards Wedding PhotographyCedamere Woods London Ontario

Getting ready cedarmere woods London ontario.  Wedding photography by Terry Richards PhotographyGetting ready for wedding at cedarmere woods, London Ontario Groom getting ready at Cedarmere Woods London Ontario for wedding.  Terry Richards wedding photographyGroom getting Ready Wedding ceremony photo at Cedarmere Woods London Ontario.  Terry Richards PhotographyWedding Ceremony at Cedarmere Woods London Ontario(c)Terry Richards Groom at wedding Ceremony, Cedarmere Woods.  Terry Richards Wedding Photography in London OntarioWedding Ceremony at Cedarmere Woods(c)Terry Richards Walker-Perdomo Wedding Ceremony at Cedarmere Woods London OntarioWalker-Perdomo-7(c)Terry Richards Walker-Perdomo-8 Wedding Ceremony at Cedarmere woods. London Ontario.  Terry Richards PhotographyWalker-Perdomo-8 Walker-Perdomo-London Ontario Wedding PhotographyWalker-Perdomo-9(c)Terry Richards Walker wedding photography at Cedarmere Woods london OntarioWedding Party Walking Photo Wedding party wedding photography, Cedarmere Woods, London OntarioWedding Party photo London Ontario Bridal Party photography.  London Ontario wedding photography.  Walker-Perdomo-13Bridal Party Wedding Photography Bridal Party Photo Bomb's Groomsmen.  Cedarmere Woods London Ontario.  Terry Richards Wedding PhotographyBridal Party Photo Bomb Bride with Groomsemen, London Ontario Wedding Photography  Walker-Perdomo-14Bride With Groomsmen Groomsmen wearing sunglasses at walker wedding, Cedarmere Woods, London Ontario.   (C) Terry Richards Wedding PhotographyGroomsmen looking cool Bridal party spying on Bride and Groom kiss.  Cedarmere Woods, London Ontario. (c) Terry Richards Wedding PhotographySecret Kiss James & Sthefanie Wedding Photography by Terry Richards PhotographyWalker-Perdomo-21


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