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Shelby + Jason // Married

August 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Shelby & Jason's Wedding at The Grand Theatre / The London Club


I've heard some photographers say that they are "Natural Light Photographers" or that they only shoot in "Natural light".  Although there is nothing wrong with that, it was at this wedding that I realized how glad that isn't me.  Given the choice, I will most definitely shoot with "natural"  aka sunlight.  However Jason and Shelby thought it would be fun to have a wedding somewhere unique, which is when they decided to have it at The Grand Theatre in London Ontario.  It was an amazing location for a wedding!  However, if you've ever been in a theatre, think about the lighting... just enough so you don't trip over yourself right?  Which presents a bit of a challenge... if I don't use flash, all the pictures will be incredibly grainy and look terrible. But, if I use just one flash to light them inside of a big theatre like that, then they look great, but it looks like they are in a pitch black room, you loose all the ambiance of the theatre.  If that happens, whats the point of having there, right?

What to do?  Fortunately I have about 8 flashes.  Up until Jason & Shelby's wedding I had never had a reason to use them all at once!  Im sure glad I had them though.  Not only did we use flash to light them, but we had to strategically place flashes around the room to light the entire place, but still have it look natural!  Lots of work (and fun!) but I think the results were worth it!

Following the ceremony we all headed across the street to The London Club which had amazing food, and an even more amazing wine cellar!

Here are a few pictures from their amazing day!

Getting ready photos, ring, dress Bride getting her makeup done

Whats a wedding in a Theatre without a movie poster?

Movie poster for wedding at theatre

Wedding photo at The Grand Theatre in London Ontario

Bridal portrait at the grand theatre in london ontario Outside of the grand theatre in London with Bride and groom for their wedding photos In the wine cellar with the bride and groom for some wedding photos at The London Club, London Ontario


They stayed with the theatre theme for the reception as well! Unique table names for wedding tables, theatre theme







Nick + Nicole // Engaged

August 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Nick & Nicole's Engagement Photography Session

@ Elmhurst Inn, Ingersoll


Every once in a while we get the privilege to do some photography for friends of ours.  This is our engagement session for Nick and Nicole.  We started out at the Elmhurst Inn and then once it got dark we went out to another friends place to have a little fun with fire!  


Amanda + Forrest // Engagement Session

August 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Amanda & Forrest, Engagement Photo Session

in Sarnia 

We had another perfect evening for Amanda and Forrest's engagement session.  Well almost perfect, we started out in a wooded trail, and we're quickly eaten alive by mosquitoes!  So then we headed to the beach!  

Here are a few photos from their session.  Can't wait for their wedding next summer!


Justine + Nate // Married

August 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Nate & Justine's wedding Photography in Shelburne Ontario


What was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, and for many was, was a perfect day for Nate & Justine's beautiful wedding day.  Thanks to being up in the hills of Shelburne Ontario, it was several degrees cooler than everywhere else that day, which made for a beautiful day.  Everything from their private, family only outdoor ceremony, to the outdoor garden party style reception was perfect.  

Elisha & I were privileged to be a part of their special day by photographing it for them, and the following are a few shots from their day.  I hope you enjoy!  

And just to mix things up a bit, we'll go in reverse order!


We had a perfect fiery sunset that night!

Fiery sunset wedding photography in Shelburne Ontario

The father daughter dance got hijacked by Grandad! Father daughter dance photo, shelburne ontario


Croquet anyone??

Garden party wedding with croquet!


The tables were beautifully decorated!

Garden party table settings


Here comes the Bride!  & Groom!

Bridal portrait Bridal portrait

Bride and Groom Photograph


Three Generations! three generations ring photograph


It was a family only ceremony, but no one must have told the pony's!

Pony's at the wedding!


The Dress!

Wedding Dress Photo


Getting ready...

Bride getting ready for her wedding


Dan & Julia

August 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Dan & Julia's Beautiful Rainy Wedding Day!


A few weeks ago now my wife and I had the privilege of being part of Julia & Dan's special day. They had their wedding reception at Craigowan Golf & Country Club, in Woodstock Ontario.  Unfortunately as the day got closer, the forecast got worse!  It turned out to be not just a bit of a rainy day with a few sprinkles here and there, but was one of those days where the rain came down pretty well non stop and on a 45 degree angle all day long!  That didn't stop anyone from enjoying the day though!  Julia & Dan, as well as there whole wedding party were troopers!  

Fortunately Craigowan Golf and Country Club in Woodstock has some nice overhangs, and porches, so when and where we could we used porches and overhangs to take photos, and we even went out in the pouring rain for a few!  (We managed to keep our cameras dry but my wife and I were soaked to the bone!)  It was all worth it though, in the end we had a great time with a great couple and were able to take some amazing photos with them.

Here are some of the photos from their day, Enjoy!

Rain, Weding photo, Double Exposure Groom getting ready for the wedding, looking out at the rain Mother of the Groom pinning the corsage Groomsmen all ready to go to the wedding in the rain Bride hanger for wedding dress Wedding Dress photo on Bride hanger Detail photos of brides jewelry set onto wedding guest book Wedding ring photos Wedding ring in bible photo

Tying up wedding dress on wedding day Bride putting earnings in First look for father of the bride Wedding party on stage for wedding Ceremony The Groom at the wedding ceremony Bride and Groom sitting at a grand Piano after ceremony Bride and Groom Ring photos on grand Piano The Bride and Groom couples photo on stone wall.  Wedding Photography in Woodstock Ontario, Stone wall Bride and Bridesmaids stealing all the umbrellas from the guys for the wedding photography Bride and Groom wedding photography in the rain Bridesmaids in the rain Groomsmen playing golf in the rain for the wedding photography at Craigowan Golf and Country Club Wedding Photography in the rain at Craigowan Golf & Country Club Bride and Groom kissing in the rain surrounded by umbrellas

Bride and Groom playing the shoe game Bride throwing the bouquet at Craigowan Golf & Country Club First dance for bride and groom

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