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Two weeks ago we had our first wedding of the season, and what an awesome wedding it was! Matt & Tierra had their reception at Liuna Station in Hamilton. If you're getting married anywhere near Hamilton, this is one venue you should check out!  Without further delay here are a few of our favourite photos from their wedding day.  Enjoy! 

Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photography

Engagement Photography Ideas

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Engagement Photography Ideas


   So your getting your engagement photos done, and you decided that you don't want to have the exact same engagement photos as just about every other engagement photo... ever!...  Awesome!  We love doing different unique images!  Don't get me wrong.  There is a reason why everyones first thought when they are thinking engagement photos is "what park is nice and nearby?" Engagement photos in a park can be really nice, especially in the fall when all of the leaves have turned!  Case in point:

Fall engagement photo with colourful leaves at Springbank Park in London Ontario


   What though, if its not fall?  Or maybe, pictures in the park just aren't your style?  Not a problem!  We love doing different types of engagement sessions!  Or you could even mix it up and do two different locations, one normal one at a park somewhere, and then another some where else.  That brings us to the question- If not in a park, then where?

   There are plenty of different places that make for great engagement photos, as well as different times of day (or night!)  First things first though, you should sit down and think about what you as a couple like to do.  The same idea applies to any props you might use for your engagement photos.  For example, if neither of you played a violin, or liked the violin, you wouldn't want a picture of you holding one in a field somewhere.  Sure, maybe it would look cool, but if neither of you played it, it would be kind of a silly photo, right?  

   The first thing you need to do is decide what type of engagement session you want. There are basically two types of engagement photos, the first and most popular type, I like to call the 4P's session (Pretty People in Pretty Places) The other type is a "lifestyle session" which is what it sounds like as well.  You get your pictures done doing some sort of activity that you enjoy doing. 

    So when you are thinking about what you would like for your engagement photos, think about what you as a couple enjoy doing together.  Do you enjoy the beach?  Hiking? Dressing up and going for a night out in the city?  What activities do you do? Do you like to ride go-carts, bowl?  (those are the first two that came to mind!  you get the idea though right?) You want your engagement photos to remind you 10 or 20 years from now of who you are as a couple now, and what you enjoyed doing together!

   Thats the idea behind choosing what to do for an engagement session. Now I'll try and give you some practical examples of some different ideas that I have that I think would make for some really nice photos, and hopefully that will get the ball rolling for you so you can think about what you like and come up with some ideas of your own. 

   Lets start with some ideas for a 4P's session (Pretty people, pretty places):

  • A nice park (obviously!)
  • The Beach
  • Waterfalls (there are a ton of nice waterfalls in the Hamilton area!)
  • Country roads/fields
  • The city (any city will do)
  • The City at night (I personally would prefer a nighttime city session, you can make some awesome pictures at night in the city!)
  • Speaking of night, what about a night time session in the country, with beautiful starry skies!

   Those are a few ideas for you to think about. Now for lifestyle sessions, again this comes down to the types of activities you enjoy doing, but here are a  few things that come to my mind:

  • Playing pool
  • Snowmobiling
  • Hiking
  • Sports
  • Cooking 

  You get the idea, just think about what you enjoy doing.  Remember too that you can always combine a lifestyle session with a regular session as well.

   Hopefully this gives you some ideas for what type of engagement session you think you would like!  Stay tuned to my blog, as my next post is going to be more info on engagement sessions, things like what type of clothes to wear, what props to use (if any) Maybe a few tips on posing!  

Toronto night time engagement photo

Toronto ontario engagement photo.  Graffiti ally


Forest Ontario Winter Wedding Photography

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When we met in London last summer to discuss their wedding day, they told us about how they wanted a winter wedding and a photographer that was willing to run around in the snow and have some fun with them taking photos, which we were really excited for!  However the weather decided not to cooperate with us this year.  But that didn't stop everyone from having a great time, and enabled us to wonder around the golf course in Forest more than if there had of been 2 feet of snow to tromp through!!!

It was a special privilege not only to capture their I Do's after 12 years together, but also to capture a photo in the place were Mike asked Callie to marry him, at the Golf course in Forest.

A big thanks to Mike & Callie for choosing us to capture their special day!  As always it was an honour, privilege and joy to us!

Here are a few of our favs!

Forest Ontario wedding photography Bride's maids first look!

The Coolest little model ever!!! Ingersoll Ontario train Station Photo Shoot

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We had a photo shoot the other day with the coolest little model!  We hardly even had to tell him what we do.  As soon as we got out of the car at the train station in Ingersoll, he just started smiling and posing!

Here are a few of my favs!

Ingersoll Ontario train station photoshoot Photoshoot at the old train station in Ingersoll

Mike + Callie // Engaged

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We love fall engagement shoots, and we love it most when the sun gives us the soft light that makes pictures glow along with our couples love. The whole ride to Springbank Park in London I was praying the sun would come out from the thick clouds for this fall shoot and just as we were about to start our shoot with Mike and Callie it came out to wow us, but not as much as Mike and Callie.  The love between them is undeniable and we were so happy that after 12 Years together that they chose us to capture it for their memories for years to come.

Here are a few of our favourite photos from their engagement session:

Engagement photo in Springbank park london Fall engagement photography in London Ontario